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Mike B. Smith


For a brief period I ran a business, selling a piece of software of which I sold by running email campaigns. Those emails I had sourced myself and they proved to be very profitable, put together with the correct email marketing tools.

Statistics of the campaigns I ran, using this list were the following:

Open rate ≈ 40%
Click through rate ≈ 25%
Conversion rate ≈ 5%

Disclaimer for the numbers, those were gathered using a very specific setup and for my particular product. They can't be guaranteed for all products, it very much depends on the product and message.

The setup I used was to have a VPS running multiple rotating IP's and then Powermta Smtp With Interspire

Because I have now sold off the business and don't have any real need for the emails anymore, I figured some other people could profit from it, thus I am selling them off to a select few.

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They are fully validated using the paid software Atomic Bulk Email Verifier. This means that all the emails have been run through the software and have been verified to be 100% working and running emails. In the database you will get access to, all emails are sorted in the country of origin, like US, UK, Chinese etc. The lists are also categorised in B2B emails and B2C emails. The list only contains emails, there is no other information.

In terms of size, there are more than 75+ million emails, in total of those about 5% of them are B2B and the rest 95% are B2C emails. That is over seventy-five million emails.

In the world diagram here below, all the countries which are blue, are the ones I have lists covering.

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How are your emails sourced?
All the emails are gathered through opt ins, social groups and partnerships.

What countries are the email users from?
Please check the world diagram above, to see what different countries I cover.

Can I use these emails for whatever I want?
Yes, anything you want.

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I am available through Skype, you can reach me on the username live:swiftems if you have any questions. You can also submit a comment in the comment section below, I try to answer as fast as possible.


Once you have signed up to an account, you will have full access to the database of email lists. All lists will be available 75+ million emails at your hands. Once you have signed up, you will be able to login to your account, there is no waiting time. As mentioned above the databases are categorized in countries of origin and whether they are B2B or B2C contacts. To get an example of how the lists are categorized, please look at the example below.

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Thank You!

I can vouch for this! Needed about 250k emails for my US targeted product. Only used about 1% of the US available emails.            


Do you have both B2C and B2B emails?

Like the title says


Reply: Do you have both B2C and B2B emails?

Hi, Yes we do have both B2C and B2B emails, however as listed above the majority of our emails are B2C - Mike


Cancel question

Is it possible to cancel at any time?


How many emails?

How many emails in total do you have available? - Dave


Reply: How many emails?

Hi Dave, There is a total of 75 million + emails available, once you register you will have access to all of them. They are categorized in country and B2C & B2B - Mike


Reply: Cancel question

Yes, you can cancel anytime you want. However if you cancel you wont have access to your account or any future added emails. - Mike


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